The Uber Stylish Katie Grand Stylist and Editor of "POP" has a new magazine "LOVE" its a new Fashion/Style/Art magazine with a experimental edge. Katie Grand Is a Ex Saint Martins Student who made her name by working on the launch of "Dazed and Confused" Katie later moved to Brit 90's mag "The Face" She has become one of the coolest most stylish Brit Fash Pack! She has since been setting up "POP" Styling on various Iconic shoots and has consulted fashion houses like Prada and Vuitton! Recently She created a line for Topshop unique. I had a little read of "LOVE" and have to say it OK, its not amazing but its good.  I have to say i am bored of seeing pictures of Daisy Lowe and Pixie Geldof, I'm hoping it was just the 1st introductory issue, i am looking forward to seeing what the next issue months has to offer.... And apparently "POP" is coming back this year! 

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