Bed i missed you!

So I'm back from Glastonbury and felling a little ill, it was so good getting in to bed last night and i have realised how nice it is being warm and dry. also it was so nice having the first shower in 6 days i never thought i would feel clean again.
 I had a amazing time! It is definitely the best and BIGGEST festival in the world! 
I got there on the Thursday night after filming, it was mad you cant really comprehend how massive it actually is until you have been. It looked so beautiful all lit up with lights, there are so many different parts to the festival it is quite easy to miss a lot of it . 
We spent the first night dancing away in the reggae delight tent which was one of my highlights it was a chance for me to relax in to the festival as it can be quite a lot to take in. The next few nights where pretty much a blurrr (excuse the pun) even though i wasn't drinking that much its such a surreal place things kind of merge in to one. The yeah yeah yeahs where fucking incredible and i am definitely in love with Karen O she has such amazing stage presence and her costume was unreal. Blur/The Specials/Bon Iver/Animal Collective where all amazing too  and bat for lashes is great life i loved her feather cape.  
Next year when i go i will do things a little differently:
1. Get a tent that will with stand storms as ours was definitely not water proof
2. Bring water proof clothes
3. Use the solar power showers that are on the green peace fields.
4. Bring even more baby wipes than i did. 
5. Camp near the nicest porter loos. 
6. Take more photos.
7. Explore a bit more of the other things in the festival like trash city! so gutted i didn't see it. 

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