They have a new frozen yogurt place in Soho now. Its amazing! i love Pink Berry, but snog is much better in terms of size and ingredients. They have yum yum toppings. Me and Caia shared a original which was massive with cookies/brownies and raspberries. The cookie and brownie were so good they were still really warm and gooey!  Its right smack in the middle of Soho has really loud Electro music blaring out of this tiny little shop and is fluorescent with mad coloured lights. I'm not sure how the staff can work in there all day  as it is literally like walking in to one of those trashy gay clubs. The lights and the music make you feel a bit like your on pills after a while but  I love it , you have to go in if your around Soho. 

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  1. love Snog, amazing for so little calories!

    there's been one in south kensington for two years (this one doesn't feel like a gay club at all)

    hopefully the soho one wont be packed all the time!