Arcadia A/W press party

So last night i went to the Arcadia A/W press party It was a night set up specifically for bloggers so i got to meet lots of lovely people. There was lots of yummie food and drink. There were rails of all the new collection from Topshop/Miss Selfrige/Dorothy Perkins/Wallis and it was all fabulous, It was like a giant dress up box! I hung around the Topshop rail a little longer but i was impressed with pieces from Miss Selfridge which is weired as i never really look in Miss Selfridge. Topshop are bringing out collection called EDIT which will be displayed as popup shop on the basement floor of the Oxford St branch. I'm wearing one of the dresses and hoodies from the collection. The price tag is quite a bit higher and I'm not sure how i would be able to afford any of the pieces but it was fun to try them on. OOOhhhh if only we were given some clothes to keep. Here are some of the shots from the night!


  1. such good pictures. love the hat (!) this is a fabulous blog. I am definitely following! please check out mine.

  2. Haha the pictures were so awesome! I had such a great night, I can't believe I truly thought someone had injured themselves but really it was just boob action.

  3. Such a fun night, was lovely meeting you. Oh, and thanks for taking me out after too! Hope to catch you again soon :)

    Emily xx

  4. Very nice to meet ya albeit V briefly XX Shout out - http://rubbishmag.blogspot.com/2009/08/arcadisavibs.html

  5. these pictures are adorable! i love the ones with the picture frame, you are both gorgeous!