Emma Cook Shoes! <3 <3 <3

Emma Cook’s beautiful collection of A/Wo9 boots for Topshop finally hit the shops on Tuesday . I am completely and totally in love!!!! But they have come at such a bad time. I wont get payed until mid septemper and as we all know those shoes will go by the end of the week! Its so unfair espeacally as they will sell on ebay for triple the amount.
This new collection, is in my opinion even better than the last. Emma Cook has created two styles for the collection - all of which are wedges - and although one shape is very similar to the 2008 chained, chunky boot, the other looks like more of a creeper style toe. I love the animal print detailes and the cow skin touch. I want the maroon ones!
What's everyones thoughts on her new collection?


  1. they would be perfect! i too am poor at the moment, and could never justify splashing out on a pair with my student bugdet anyway! but i kinda have a problem with the wedge part, not the shape or anything, the material, i haven't seen them in the flesh but it looks kinda rubbery? i could be very wrong!


  2. They are so rubbery! but thats what i love about them. If you tried them on im sure you would be in love! the colour palette for her new shoe collection is beautiful. Perfect for a/w 09!
    I was actually contemplating being like fuck it and just buying them but was quickly reminded by my boyfriend that i have to eat this month.