Looking at Dye.

After looking at that shoot in pop, i started looking at dyed peroxide hair. There is something about the washed out look that i love. Kind of Courtney love grunge princess meets trashy barbie doll. It reminds me of that stage most teenage girls go through when they discover hair dye and make up and dye there hair all sorts of candy colours. i think my hair was a weired purple red colour for a while.. i like the pale colours and i think if it is a wash out colour it could look great. Maybe I'm wrong...? what do you think?


  1. As long as it suits your skin tone should be fine, general rule if your a brunette lean towards organge tones.. blonde - pinks purples..

  2. loving these pics - the one of peaches is fab x

  3. I once tie-died my hair... purple & green, very washed out since mine is v. blonde. It was the 90's. In Seattle.

    Love your blog. It makes me miss living in London so much!

  4. I can't help but agree. Loving the orange haired Aggy! Enough to almost consider the look for myself.. (but i stress the key word, almost.) X

  5. i love Peaches new hair colour!

    if i could i would dye my hair a mental shade of fiery red, but i am naturally very blonde and would lose my natural colour forever if i did that, so i am unwilling to take the plunge! maybe one day i will grow some balls and do it