Mark Fast.

Designer Mark Fast, known for his tight knitted dresses has hit the headlines for using Curvey girls in his show. He included three plus size models from the agency 12+ UK- Hayley Morley, 21, a size 12, Laura Catterall, 20, a size 14, and Gwyneth Harrison, 25, a size 12-14.
Amanda May, managing director for the Canadian designer said there were “creative differences with regards to the casting of those girls. There was a team change and we’re glad we stuck to our vision.”

May insisted that their selection of larger models was neither politically motivated nor a publicity stunt.
“The decision to use the fuller girls is something we have been talking about. There’s this idea that only thin and slender women are able to wear Mark’s dresses and he wanted to combat that," she said,
She added: “We wanted women to know they don’t have to be a size zero to wear a Mark Fast dress- curvier women can look even better in one.”

Ok what are we thinking? I was at the the Wo/Man on/off show last night and as this is one od this weeks fashion "controversy's" people started talking about the topic of Fast using voluptuous women in his show. Everyone pretty much had the same thoughts....These girls look fucking sexy! And great to watch. I think it was a good move by fast and i think quite a few people last night did too. And as he said it wasn't anything political it was to show that curvy voluptuous woman can look just as sexy i one of his dresses.


  1. I really don't get why some of his team left over it
    If anything it's given him good publicity and shown his collection to be wearable for more body types, can't be bad??

  2. Read about this in the metro, I think it's absolutely ridiculous! You're right, they look bloody sexy, tall, striking, good in the clothes..isn't that the textbook description of a model?