Feeling really low energy recently, I think it's the combination of too much bad food and not enough sleep... And maybe too much wine. Thinking about going on a detox for a few days. Just feel tired all the time and im looking a bit grey. Desperately need my sunshine back! what i really need is to have yummy healthy food and juices delivered everyday- I am always just too tired to cook and never have time to go food shopping. Checked some sites out to see how much they cost. Too much for me but i would love it! http://www.noshdetoxdelivery.com


  1. Yeah I literally just had breadsticks and humous for dinner tonight because I couldn't face cooking. Need to get my god damn 5 a day. That company sound great. But pricey! xo

  2. I love this photo. Simple, classic, beauty. There is something very french about it though, I'm just not sure what? Either way I love it :) Hope you feel better soon x