Warm me up.

Yesterday on my way to work i nearly froze to death, England is getting so bloody cold already! Well this morning when i was getting dressed for work i was trying my best to layer and layer, I put two pairs of leggings on;  three vests and two cardigans and a massive scarf i left the house looking like mitchelin man....My boyfriend told me i looked like a telletubby...I don't want to look like a fucking telletubby and i don't want to freeze  anymore! 
How is it some girls manage to look effortlessly sleek/warm in winter? Are they really freezing there nipples off? 
Every year  i complain about freezing. Same old story. I have never bought gloves or a proper coat and always just layer and layer hence the mitchelin man/telletubby look. This year i want to invest in warm clothes that actually keep me warm! Im going to be searching for the perfect winter Coat/gloves/scarf/hat. Oh and boots....I really want some boots. ;)

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  1. england is beyond cole right now! i think i need to go coat shopping x