ASOS Spring/Summer 2010 Blogger evening.

So last week ASOS invited some London Bloggers to have a look at their S/S 2010 collection.....  It was really nice  meeting all the bloggers and having a gossip,  i was surprised at how nice the pieces were, I have got my eye on a few things. In the past whenever i have had a look at the asos site it has always been the Acne pieces , i had never really looked at there own brand because i had always found it a bit naff, so i was pleasantly surprised when it was all pretty good.  Like the long maxi skirts and the sheer/jersey t-shirts. 


  1. That maxi dress looks fab! Glad you enjoyed the event x

  2. yeah, I have same thoughts on asos as well, love the maxi dress though looks stunning!

    great blog!

  3. You are GORGEOUS miss! So gutted I couldn't make this, would have loved to meet everyone.

  4. lovely! I like the idea....

    but why only london bloggers!!! tut!


  5. ohh i just ordered the feather maxi dress! so great to stumble upon some inspiration, it looks fab on you!